QED QX16/2 & QX16/4 300M Black PE Outdoor


QX16/2 and QX16/4 PE are high performance and exceptional quality installation speaker cables with a water and UV resistant PE outer sheath. They are designed to deliver excellent levels of performance in most outdoor installations with no additional conduit required.


Large cross-sectional area of high purity copper conductors

Ensures good performance levels are maintained even on longer runs

Sequentially metre marked – counting down so you always know what you have left on the reel or in the box

Water and UV resistant PE Outdoor outer jacket

Can be buried

Meets or exceeds UV resistance ISO 4892-2

Colour-coded conductor sheaths

No additional conduit required saving on installation costs

Full test report available on request

RoHS2 Compliant

Supplied on 300m (984ft) reel


Conductor Size 16 AWG
Conductor Construction 30/0.26
Conductor Resistance 13.3 Ω/km
Conductor Cross-sectional Area 1.62 mm2
Insulation Colour
16/2 Red, Black
16/4 Red, Black, White, Green


Jacket Material PE
Outside Diameter
16/2 6.20 mm
16/4 7.20 mm
Jacket Colour
16/2 58 kg/km
16/4 98 kg/km
16/2 or 16/4

16/2, 16/4


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