Invite the Home Center 3 to your home

Want to know more? Find a professional FIBARO Installer for a complex installation support. In case you have any question, our installers will answer all your questions and design smart solutions just for you. Start living a comfortable life in a FIBARO smart home!

Your voice matters

Manage entire FIBARO smart home in a different way including your voice. Just a few words to one of the most popular voice assistants makes things happen in no time.

Manage your smart home with a smartphone

Home Center App provides constant connection with your smart home and lets you manage it from anywhere in the world.

The mobile app's promissing UX and simplicity of use have resulted in winning the 2019 CES Innovation Award.

Car that knows your smart home well

Voice control available in a car brings smart home management right into your car equipped with Android Auto or CarPlay. Full control over home devices while being on your way lets you prepare your home for your return or turn on entire security system while leaving the house.