Decide what atmosphere your home should have. If you like the morning sun to wake you up, leave the blinds open for the night. If you value privacy and want to avoid nosy neighbours, close them.

Take care of your own comfort and adjust operation of interior and exterior blinds to your individual needs.

privacy protection

brightness adjustment

intuitive control software

individual schedule

considerable savings

weather resistance

Schedule-based control

Create several operational scenarios for specific situations. Adjust them to your lifestyle and yourself. Enjoy comfort every day!

Scene: waking up

Let the sun gently wake you up on a sunny morning. You can easily adjust the blinds operation to your needs and everyday rituals. Wake up as you like – every day.

Influence on heating and air conditioning

Cool in summer and warm in winter – create the optimal temperature at your home without any effort! Grenton Smart Home will do everything for you due to the function of controlling blinds, heating and air conditioning depending on the weather conditions.